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Web hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service or product that offers both individuals and businesses online virtual space to store their website , e-mail, images, and other content that should be available to third parties can. By linking a domain name to the web hosting package, you can ensure that this content is displayed on the Internet by visiting the corresponding domain name.

The role of the hosting company in the web hosting package is to ensure that the content can be displayed quickly and above all is stored securely. To achieve this, the servers of the hosting company are located in a secure data center, which is equipped with redundant power and has multiple fiber optic connections that are connected to the Internet.

This way, the content (website) can always be displayed and even in the event of a power failure or failure of a fiber optic connection, content can still be displayed on the domain name.

Why do you need web hosting?

You can compare web hosting with a house number and a house, where the house number is the domain name and the house is the web hosting. The house number is stuck on the house and so it is certain that the house belongs on that specific house number.

With web hosting and a domain name about the same thing happens. The domain name in this case is pasted on the web hosting package or linked to it, after which the domain name in fact tells where the house is located. It is therefore important at the beginning to properly link your domain name using name servers or DNS records to your web hosting package.

Once the link has been made properly, you can surf to your domain name in your internet browser and you will see the content (website) that you have placed on your web hosting package. The domain name is always the starting point on the Internet. Your computer, phone, tablet or other device knows which server to go to in order to view the content belonging to the domain name.

If the domain name is not properly linked, or not linked at all, to a web hosting package or other service, then the domain name will not show any page or content when you visit it. The error message you will often see in your browser is: “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.

Can I also e-mail with web hosting?

It is often the case that if you have a web hosting package with a provider, where you also have the domain name properly linked, you can e-mail using your own domain name. This is not present everywhere, but nowadays it is included in almost every package to some extent.

In the event that your web hosting provider supports e-mail in the web hosting package, then you could create your own @domainname.com e-mail address and your e-mail recipients will see that you are e-mailing from your own domain name. For example, for business intentions this gives a confidential and good feeling and it is definitely recommended to use e-mail from your own domain name.

Cheap Web Hosting

Now the question: is there cheap web hosting? There certainly is! It’s just getting harder and harder these days to find really good quality but cheap web hosting.

Prices are rising fast since the big acquisition wave that is going on in the hosting market. Big investors are buying up multiple hosting providers, merging them and implementing synergies in order to then be able to raise the price because of the improved value and extra features of the combined products.

Cheap web hosting is therefore harder to find, but still present in the market. To find really cheap web hosting it is advisable to consult the comparison websites, as there you can easily sort and compare based on specifications, features and price. Thus, you can still easily find cheap web hosting that suits your needs, requirements and budget.

Webhosting Netherlands

The Netherlands is a well-known and popular country when it comes to web hosting. The Dutch legislation allows many things, such as adult and online casinos as the best example, where in many other countries this is prohibited.

The prices in the Netherlands of web hosting are also very low compared to other countries such as Belgium, France, Germany and the rest of the world. This makes web hosting in the Netherlands a frequently chosen solution for webmasters from all over the world!

With the super fast fiber optic connections and large internet hubs, there is no longer a strict requirement in terms of latency that the web hosting is located in the same country as the target audience of the website.

Free web hosting

Is there any free web hosting available these days? There used to be many parties offering free web hosting. Nowadays, there are even more some parties that offer free web hosting, for example Hostinger and 000webhost.

The reason that this free offering is greatly reduced is because there is much more abuse today than there was a few years ago. Therefore, the free packages are very often used for things focused on abuse, such as spam, malware and phishing. Because of this, the offer of free web hosting has dropped tremendously because it was no longer interesting for the parties offering it.


On the Internet and in the well-known search engines you sometimes see the term: “Webhost”. But, what exactly does webhost mean?

Webhost is the collective term for a party/provider/company that provides web hosting. The full-fledged term is often : “web hosting provider”, an abbreviation of this that reads and writes more easily is thus “webhost”.

WordPress web hosting

WordPress is a super user-friendly CMS. However, that doesn’t mean it also needs super simple web hosting.

In practice it can be done, but if you want really good performance, stability and high uptime I really recommend you to look for good WordPress web hosting.

Also, good WordPress web hosting determines your success online. If your website is fast, stable and has good caches, it will rank higher in your SEO and search engine results than if it is not. Depending on the purpose of your website, I therefore always recommend choosing a good WordPress web hosting provider!

Why choose WordPress web hosting?

With WordPress web hosting, often the underlying server and the software configuration on it is completely customized to the most optimal settings for WordPress.

For example, the WordPress web hosting server often has:

  • The most appropriate and current PHP version
  • Advanced caches like Redis Cache, Varnish Cache and Memcached
  • The ideal PHP settings, such as memory_limit, upload_limit and other settings
  • The most optimized web server software, such as NGINX or Litespeed.
  • An extensive yet user-friendly single click installer
  • Advanced backups with high retention!
  • A comprehensive management panel where you can easily configure a lot for your website.


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