What is a HTTP 400 error?

What ia a HTTP 400 error? How can you easily solve a 400 error in your website?

What is a HTTP 400 error?

What is a 400 http status error?

You may get a 400 bad request error in your browser as a response while visiting a page of your website. In this case something is going wrong with the request of the page to the server where your website is hosted (stored).

The error message you get on your screen belongs to the group of “HTTP response status codes” with which the software (apache) captures and categorizes the error in order to explain what is going wrong.

In our other article: What is a 500 status error error we explain that the errors shown there are because the web server software (apache) cannot process the script. In such a case we speak of a server side error message.

In our current case 400 bad request error , the server has not found any error in processing the code/program, but the server does not understand your request and therefore cannot process it.

Cause 400 http status error

Often the cause for an HTTP 400 bad request error is one of the following:

-The requester is trying to send a file that is too large. -The requester made a request whose http Headers may be incorrect. -The request has changed in some way that makes it incorrect. -The requester has made a request with an incorrect url.


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