Dec 20, 2022

Migrate email to another provider

We explain how you can simply and quickly move your email from one provider to another! With just a few clicks on the button you migrate your email simply and quickly!

Migrate email to another provider

Transferring email from provider A to provider B sounds difficult, but in practice it is quite simple! In fact, through a hugely useful tool, you can have email downloaded via IMAP at provider A and immediately uploaded at provider B.

The tool serves as a middle man, bringing provider A in contact with provider B. As a result, folders that are at provider A are also neatly created at provider B. The middle man (tool) supervises everything and ensures that it is neatly transferred after which, in theory, an exact copy of each other.

This allows you to easily transfer all email from provider A to provider B, and when you’re done you can adjust the DNS or move the domain name so that from that moment new email arrives at your new email provider (B).

Which genius tool can move email?

There are several tools that can serve as a middle man to ensure that your email is properly migrated from A to B. We have accumulated the most experience with a specific tool that has really been able to migrate everything for us.

For example, we have migrated Google g-suite to Microsoft Office 365 and also the other way around. Also from one IMAP email provider to another IMAP provider was no problem at all. In short, this is the tool to have!


The tool we are referring to is called IMAPSYNC. A genius tool where you can simply migrate your email from provider A to provider B using the steps below. After entering the correct data, all you have to do is wait for the tool to successfully complete its work.

You can track your progress live in the window or simply by logging into the webmail of email provider B. You will see that the folders appear automatically and more and more email arrives!

Moving email in stages

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, enter the login and your email password from provider A.
  3. At server host, enter the imap server address of provider A.
  4. On the right side, enter the login and email password of provider B. So this is the final destination of your email.
  5. At serverhost enter the imap server address of provider B.
  6. Then click the green “SYNC” button and the tool will do its work! Now you have to wait until it is ready!


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