How do I login to cPanel?

How do I log in to cPanel? What is the address of my cPanel panel? How do I reset the password?

How do I login to cPanel?

Log in to cPanel

With a web hosting package that you can purchase from a hosting provider often comes a control panel. In this case, cPanel is a well-known and widely used control panel.

cPanel makes it possible for anyone to easily and quickly transform a web server into a full-fledged web hosting platform. This then allows you to host websites yourself, create email addresses and provide SSL.

You can also use cPanel by purchasing a domain name and a web hosting package from a hosting provider. They will then send you an e-mail with the login details for their cPanel environment. With this information you can then log in and manage everything for your domain name and web hosting package.

But what if logging in doesn’t work? We explain it and help you further!

No cPanel, but DirectAdmin.

If you have a hosting package with the DirectAdmin control panel, we have an article that explains how you can login to DirectAdmin: How do I login to DirectAdmin ?

Login to cPanel via your domain name

As soon as you buy a domain name from the hosting provider and choose a web hosting package, the provider will often automatically add the domain name within the cPanel environment and the domain name will then automatically be linked to the web hosting package.

This ensures that when you surf to the domain name in your internet browser, you will immediately see a page from cPanel. Later, when you have created and uploaded your website, you will even see your own website or web page!

Because your domain name is automatically linked to your web hosting package with cPanel, you can login using your own domain name. To do this you can surf to the url below, replacing the text with your own registered domain name.

Standard cPanel url / address

  • (default)

Login via server address

Often you will receive an e-mail with the details of your hosting package after you have purchased your domain name and hosting package. In this e-mail you will often also find a server address. This is the name and URL of the server without your domain name added. We call this the server address.

If your domain name does not yet work or is not properly linked, you can easily and quickly login to your cPanel environment using the server address. So you can already work on your domain name and website, without them being linked. For example, you can already create e-mail addresses, or a website, or a redirect setup .

Examples cPanel server addresses / urls

Neostrada - (replace YY for the server number)

Neostrada (premium) - (replace YY for the server number)

Domeinbalie - (replace server number for your server)

XXLhosting -

HostingBaas -

Godaddy -

Login to cPanel through your customer panel

Most hosting providers have created a direct link between their customer panel and the cPanel environment. Because of this, often a button called “Direct Login” appears in your customer panel, through which you are immediately logged into your cPanel environment without a username or password.

The advantage is that you do not need to know your cPanel username and password. The disadvantage is that if someone is logged into your clientpanel, they can always login directly to your cPanel environment without any security. So it is a matter of lower security and therefore we always advise to activate at least 2 factor authentication on your clientpanel.


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