Sep 2, 2022

How do I log in to webmail?

Logging into your webmail? The ultimate tutorial with bug fixes + all webmail urls!

How do I log in to webmail?

How do I log on to webmail?

Through webmail you can log in to your email from anywhere in the world with the convenience of a full-fledged email client. All the features you have with an email client on your desktop are also found in webmail.

  1. Open the webmail
  2. Enter your data
  3. Login to your webmail
  4. Errors during login webmail

Open the webmail

First you start with the webmail of your hosting or email provider to open. This url can often be found in the FAQ or support pages of your hosting or e-mail provider. Below I will list a few hosting providers and their webmail:

  • TransIP :
  • Versio :
  • Mijndomein :
  • Argeweb :
  • Yourhosting :
  • Strato :
  • Hostnet :
  • Vimexx :
  • OVH :
  • Godaddy :
  • :
  • Ziggo :
  • KPN :
  • Hosting2GO :
  • :
  • Tele2 :
  • Cloud86 :
  • Combell :

webmail login

Enter your information

Now that you’ve opened your provider’s webmail, start entering your information. With almost every provider, your username is your full email address that you wish to log in with. The password they ask for is the one you chose when you created this email address.

Example e-mail data

UsernamePassword password

Since this data is for example purposes only, it will not work. However, if you have created a working email address with your provider, then enter the information in this manner and you will be able to log in immediately.

Login to your webmail

Now that you have entered the correct data, you are ready to log in. You click on the “login” button below the input fields you just filled out.

As soon as you click on it, the page will load and you will be logged in to your email address within webmail. You will then see all your new and existing email and can start writing or replying to them!

Roundcube webmail

Errors during login webmail

Do you get an error message after you press the “login” button on webmail and therefore you are not logged in?

It is possible that you have entered a typo or an incorrect email address or password. Please try to check this first and re-enter the password if necessary. Often this solves the problem and you can still log in.

Do you keep having errors and is the webmail you are trying to log into a Roundcube webmail? Then we have a comprehensive guide to the most common Roundcube errors and their correct solutions.

Roundcube webmail most common errors + solutions!

You can tell if you are on Roundcube webmail by the text at the bottom of the page and often the logo on the top left or right.

Roundcube logo


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