Aug 11, 2022

How do I log in to my WordPress website?

How do I log in to my WordPress website? Common problems with solutions for logging into your WordPress website!

How do I log in to my WordPress website?

Login to WordPress

After you have installed your first WordPress website, you will of course want to log in to the back end of your own WordPress website to view, manage and configure everything!

WordPress is a CMS system (Content Management System) and so it has a so-called backend where you can manage the website, articles, pages, layouts and configuration without having to program a single line!

Example login data WordPress website

A WordPress website that is installed always has a default URL / link with which you can log in. In general this is the following URL:

URL WordPress backend

  • Example URL WordPress Backend: where you obviously replace with your own domain name!
  • Username: admin or during installation a user name of your choice.
  • Password: The password you selected or a password that was emailed to you!

Login to your WordPress website

To log into your own WordPress website backend for the first time, go to the URL: (replace with your own domain name).

You will see a login screen where you are asked for your username and password. The data you previously set up or received by email, you enter here.

Next you click on the often blue button login to actually login to your own WordPress website backend.

WordPress dashboard after successful login

After successfully logging into your WordPress website where the username and password were both accepted, you will see your own WordPress dashboard.

This often looks like the dashboard in the following image: WordPress Dashboard - Login to WordPress /

On this WordPress dashboard you will often see:

  • Some statistics
  • Your latest posts
  • Comments on your posts
  • Your latest activity in the WordPress backend
  • Some shortcuts to frequently used options in the backend.

WordPress password forgotten

Suppose you can’t log into the backend from your WordPress password anymore, because you forgot the password, luckily you can simply and quickly ‘reset’ the password via the forgot password feature of WordPress.

In this case you go back to (replacing with your own domain name) and click on the link “Forgot password” below the login window.

This will take you to a new page where you can quickly and easily reset your WordPress password so that you can log in again!


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