How do I install Let's Encrypt SSL?

What is Let's Encrypt? How do I install a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate? We explain!

How do I install Let's Encrypt SSL?

First of all, it is important to explain what SSL via Lets Encrypt actually is. You hear and read this term everywhere these days and it has made a lot of movement in the world of SSL.

What is Let’s Encrypt SSL?

The name Let’s Encrypt is a name behind a certificate authority(also called a CA). A CA is an organization that normally issues paid SSL certificates to individuals or companies behind domain names. It ensures that the SSL certificates it issues are valid and provide the domain name with an encrypted connection (lock in the address bar) between the server and the end user.

The big difference between Let’s Encrypt and other certificate authorities is that Let’s Encrypt has chosen to issue their SSL certificates completely free of charge. Their goal is to make the Internet a safer place and they have therefore chosen to issue SSL certificates easily, quickly and above all, completely free of charge.

Which parties are behind Let’s Encrypt?

To be able to issue SSL certificates, you need an infrastructure. This infrastructure obviously costs money, so the question is how can Let’s Encrypt issue SSL certificates for free and which parties are behind it?

Let’s Encrypt is set up by a cooperation of some tech giants and the name for this cooperation is : Internet Security Research Group, also called ISRG.

Behind this collaboration are among others the following companies:

  • Google (search engine)
  • Facebook (social media network
  • Mozilla (Internet browser)

These companies are very reputable and reliable so you can safely put yourself behind an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL in DirectAdmin

Check domain name on Letsdebug

First, go to and enter your domain name for which you want to request SSL. This website will check if your domain name is configured correctly and is ready for a free SSL certificate.

Login to DirectAdmin

First, log into your DirectAdmin control panel and choose the domain name on which you would like to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Click on Certificates in DirectAdmin

Once logged into DirectAdmin click on the link SSL certificates. You will come to a page where you will see multiple choices. Here you choose the option to request a free SSL certificate through Let’s encrypt.

You request a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate

On the page you select the domain names for which you want to request an SSL certificate. Once you have done that, click on : “Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt” and the certificate request will be submitted.

If your domain names are linked properly, work and do not contain any errors, the application will be completed successfully in a few seconds.


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