E-mail settings for IMAP - POP3 - SMTP

All details explained easily to configure your e-mail account in your e-mail client

E-mail settings for IMAP - POP3 - SMTP

The use of e-mail is of course super convenient in this day and age. Often you can already use the e-mail through a webmail, but that is not always so easy or practical. Therefore, you can use almost any e-mail address in an e-mail program. Of course, you need the right settings for this. Below we have summarized all the common ports per protocol for you.

E-mail ports all protocols

IMAP ports (recommended over POP3)

  • With SSL: 993
  • Without SSL: 143

POP3 ports (inbound server)

  • With SSL: 995
  • Without SSL: 110

SMTP ports (outgoing server)

  • With SSL: 465
  • With TLS: 587

Difference between IMAP and POP3

A few years ago not all e-mail hosting companies where have all protocols available, but nowadays every e-mail hosting company will have i think. Therefor i would recommend to use always IMAP. With IMAP your e-mails will be saved to the e-mail server, so you can read them via every device everywhere on this planet. When you use POP3, your device will pull/download all the e-mails from the server and this will result in that e-mails are not visible anymore on other devices.

E-mail with SSL

Also nowadays every e-mail hosting provider will support SSL, so i will always recommend using SSL. SSL will secure and encrypt your connection between your device and the server. So no one can hijack your connection and read your unsecured communication/e-mails.

Logging into webmail

Often an e-mail address that you purchase from a hosting provider comes with a very handy webmail. A webmail is actually an Internet accessible e-mail client like you have on your PC, but simply as an Internet page instead of a program on your PC.

This way you can check your email from anywhere in the world by surfing to the webmail link of your email provider, logging in with your email address and password and you will see your latest emails.

Some webmail urls of large email providers

  • Gmail: gmail.com
  • Outlook365 (Office 365): outlook.com
  • Antagonist: mail.antagonist.nl
  • Vimexx: mail.zxcs.nl
  • Versio: mail.axc.eu
  • Mijndomein: webmail.mijndomein.nl
  • TransIP: transip.email
  • Combell: webmail.combell.com

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Migrate e-mail (IMAP or POP3)

Nowadays, it is also easy to migrate your e-mail from hosting or internet provider A to provider B via some enormously handy tools. You normally enter the tools the current imap or pop3 server, your e-mail address and passwords and on the other hand you enter the same kind of data from the new e-mail provider. Once entered correctly, you can migrate the e-mail from provider A to provider B with the push of a button. Would you like to see the detailed steps and find out what you have to enter and where? Read the post about e-mail migrate (imap or pop3)

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