Dec 26, 2022

Creating and restoring WordPress backup with 1 click!

Creating and restoring WordPress backups with 1 click! We explain how to do it! Secure your WordPress website and make sure you always have a good backup!

Creating and restoring WordPress backup with 1 click!

You’ve created a beautiful WordPress website and have it online on your own domain name . All that blood sweat and tears you’ve put into your website you don’t want to lose because of a bug, glitch or problem. It won’t be the first time that one of these issues occurs and you lose your entire website as a result.

The solution is backups, with which you have saved a copy of your website in a safe place and thus can always restore it easily and quickly to the state of your website at the time of backup.

WordPress backup via UpdraftPlus

There are several enormously good plugins for WordPress to backup easily and quickly, but in our experience UpdraftPlus works best and allows you to create a full backup of your website simply and quickly with a single click.

UpdraftPlus is the most popular free plugin available for WordPress and is already used by over 3 million+ websites at the moment.

With the WordPress plugin UpdraftPlus you can easily and quickly create a complete backup of your website and store it in the cloud / your hosting package, or on your computer, whichever is ultimately the most sensible storage location.

UpdraftPlus even allows you to schedule automatic backups, which means that a backup will be created automatically when you choose and stored either externally or locally.

The backups can be automatically uploaded to multiple online storage destinations, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace, Amazon S3, SFTP, FTP, Email and multiple cloud storage services.

Restore WordPress Backup

Because UpdraftPlus knows where the backup is stored, you can also restore the backup very easily through the plugin. UpdraftPlus will download, extract and restore the backup from stored location so that your website goes back to when the backup was made. All this is easily controlled from the WordPress WP-Admin.

UpdraftPlus also has a premium version with add-ons to migrate or clone websites, search and replace databases, multisite support and several other features. The premium version also gives you access to priority support.

UpdraftPlus Premium

In addition to the free version, there is also a premium version called UpdraftPremium. With this you get additional options and features, such as storage spots, for example. For us, the free version suffices just fine and covers everything we need for most websites!


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