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Create a website

What is a website?

A website is a very familiar term these days. Everyone uses it in daily life and has been in contact with it.

From the site that shows you what time your train runs, to to fill a nice evening with delicious food that is delivered to the tax where you arrange and manage your tax affairs.

But where does the term website come from?

The English term “site” is literally translated: “place”. The word web refers to the worldwide web, also called world wide web(www). Since a website is a kind of collection of coinciding information / pages with content, in the time of the creation of several “sites” was chosen to the word for such a thing website.

The term website is now actually despite being an English word, it has been adopted everywhere in every language and it is known to everyone what it is.

How do I make a website?

HTML programming language

As explained, a website is a collection of pages with content such as text, images and possibly even videos. From its origin, you need to develop a website using a development language, such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). This is a programming language that allows you to create a simple static website page.

Example HTML page

An example to see what HTML is all about can be found at: Sample HTML Page

Content management system website (CMS website)

Nowadays websites are so elaborate with dynamic systems behind them that just HTML is not enough anymore. However, it is still being used fanatically on every website on the internet because it is still indispensable.

Most websites today are built using open source, closed source or self-developed content management systems (CMS).

What is a CMS website?

A CMS is a system that enables you to build and maintain a site dynamically, often through a graphical interface. So you can easily choose a theme / template and from there drag and drop into a graphical interface to create your own website.

The CMS behind it ensures that your actions are translated into the necessary programming language so that an internet browser that you use to visit the website and the web hosting server that stores your website and makes it available on the internet can understand it.

What is a CMS

Which CMS systems are there?

There are hundreds if not thousands of CMS systems available on the Internet. Most are open source (free) but there are also dozens with premium features where someone actively develops and improves for you. These closed source CMS systems often cost a fixed amount per month but often also include the web hosting that is needed to get your website online.

Top 5 free CMS systems

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. TYPO3
  5. Ghost

Top 5 paid CMS systems

  1. (includes domain name and web hosting)
  4. Shopify
  5. Squarespace

Choosing a free or paid CMS?

There are several reasons to choose a free or a paid CMS, but I think the most important one is freedom.

With a free CMS system, you can often fully customize the code and play with additional plugins, features, tools and themes. In fact, you can install, change or update things to the source code of the CMS.

With a paid CMS this freedom is limited and you can probably change a lot or everything on your website, but nothing on the CMS itself. So you often cannot easily install a plugin that makes your website better, faster or more beautiful because you do not have access to the source code of the CMS where you have to install it.

Have website made

Of course if you still do not dare to create a website completely by yourself, you can always have the website created by a professional company or a developer you know or hire.

Often you will start with an idea of what your website should be about, and then the company will ask you some examples of websites you are looking for. From there the design process begins and you will get designs on which you get to give your opinion.

Finally, you choose a design and the company or person you hire will create your website. Often this is done in several phases, where you get several versions and do have to write the texts to be placed on them yourself.

One option here is to hire a copywriter, who writes your texts on your topics, so that you have well-running texts, SEO optimized and provided with good readability.

The development company then places the texts on your website, after which you review the entire website in the staging area and approve its publication.

During publication your online presence will be placed on your own domain name and can be visited by anyone on the Internet. So in this case you have your own website created by a third party. Easy, effective and efficient. The only disadvantage is (often) that you are more expensive than creating the website completely by yourself.

Website management

Of course, a website also needs to be managed. There are often weekly or monthly updates in the form of new features or security updates. It is very important to always provide your website with the latest updates, especially since they often fix bugs and security issues that make your website impervious to security holes.

It is also advisable to ensure that your website remains current in terms of content. It is important that you offer the visitors who come to your website new and current content, otherwise they will quickly leave the website and look for their content on other websites.

It is therefore very important to manage your website and make sure it stays current and up to date in all areas. Often with a CMS like WordPress, it is quite easy via a few clicks in the wp-admin to install all updates.

Posting new content, such as a news or blog post can also be done very easily through the WordPress backend. You create a new post, come up with a title, write your attractive content and publish the post. This immediately provides your website with new content and you are up to date again.

Website making free

As already discussed above, there are numerous ways to make a website completely free. Of course there are advantages to a free website, such as not costing you any money, but there are certainly disadvantages as well.

So it’s wise to think carefully about the purpose and requirements of your website, once you have those figured out you can determine if that website you want to create can actually be made for free, or if you might have to decide otherwise. Below we have listed some pros and cons of a creating a free website:

Advantages of making a free website

  • Low entry level, you don’t have to incur any costs
  • Easy to test if the software is right for you
  • Often completely open source and therefore with many updates, information, themes and plugins

Disadvantages free website making

  • No support or assistance from a company
  • Often limited in advanced features and useful extras
  • Often limited in the number of pages, blogs or content.

Create your own website

Why create your own website? You can answer that question with dozens of reasons, but often the most frequently chosen answer is that you want to make specific information, an opinion, a look or a certain way of thinking known on the Internet to the general public.

For example, on a blog website you often share your experiences, opinions, views or other interesting things. A website of the local supermarket shares deals, opening hours and other general information. A website of a political party shares their views, opinions and also general information.

So a private website can actually serve any public purpose. It is therefore impossible to imagine these days and has become the number one source of information.

Even at elementary school in many countries they start programming lessons nowadays, making it easy to create your own website at a very young age, without specific software or CMS systems. So the children program the website all by themselves using, for example, HTML, CSS and PHP.


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