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Compare the best web hosting providers in 2022! Extensively tested, compared and researched!

Compare web hosting

If you are on the Internet looking for a web hosting package, you will find that the choice is enormous. There are hundreds of hosting providers worldwide all offering broadly the same package, making your choice extremely difficult.

One provider promises more storage, another more data traffic, yet another has extras that you will not find elsewhere. This makes the selection process very difficult and confusing.

On this page we will try to help you make the choice as easy as possible and make sure you know exactly what you are choosing and what each specification and extra option does.

Compare web hosting: What should you look for?

You are building a website or already have an existing website hosted with a web host provider but are looking for a new web hosting package or a new provider.

In both cases you know what you want to achieve with your website, what your target audience is, approximately how much traffic you can expect on your website and in which countries you want to be active.

Choose the right country for your target audience

It is therefore first important to determine in which country you want to host your website. If your target audience is located in the Netherlands, then it is also advisable to choose a web hosting provider whose servers are located in the Netherlands or a country connected to the Netherlands.

This will ensure that your website visitors always have the shortest connection to the server, as it does not have to travel a long way to the other side of the world, for example.

With the major Internet hubs such as the AMS-IX, DE-IX and LINX, the connections in major countries in Europe are already largely as fast as just in the Netherlands. In fact, they are directly connected to the Netherlands and therefore loading your website in Germany, for example, or England will make a difference of at most a few microseconds. You won’t notice it while visiting the website.

Choose a stable and solid provider

When choosing a web hosting provider where to host your website, web shop, data or other things, it is wise to do good research on the company behind the provider.

You want to be 100% sure that you entrust your website and data to a stable, financially secure provider that will make sure your website is online and accessible at all times.

In the past it has often happened that small, independent web hosting providers that were run by a single person have collapsed, for example because the person became ill, had financial problems or other issues. The result is then often that your website goes offline, you can no longer access it to download the data and you are simply saddled with a huge problem.

This is why it is so important to choose a web hosting provider with a stable background, a financially sound structure and perhaps more importantly, a larger team than just one person.

Choose the right provider with the right programming language

In programming world, you have several programming languages, with the most commonly used languages for websites being the following:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - For static websites.
  • PHP (Hypertext preprocessor) - For dynamic websites
  • ASP (Active server pages) - For both static and dynamic websites. Windows only
  • MySQL - Database software to store website data, such as registered users or orders.

Each web hosting provider often supports one, or a combination of several programming languages. Often not all of them are supported.

Often supported website programming languages

It is often the case that certain languages are supported as a group since they are often also used with each other. Some of the most commonly used combinations are:

  • HTML, PHP and MySQL

Here, HTML is used for the views and static pages.

PHP is used for the dynamic processing, such as a customer registration form, or a shopping cart and checkout process.

MySQL is then used to store the processed data in PHP. For example, you can store a customer and the order he has placed in the web store as well, in order to build an administration and show what has been sold.

  • ASP.NET, PHP and MySQL (Windows only)

A combination of ASP.NET, PHP and MySQL is largely the same as the combination above, only it runs only on Windows server. ASP.NET is not supported on a Linux environment.

PHP and MySQL are supported on both Windows and Linux, but are also Windows compatible.

So pay attention to what your hosting provider supports.

During the web hosting comparison and selection process, you need to make sure that you choose a provider that supports the programming languages or combination of programming languages in which your website is built.

Otherwise, you will be disappointed because your website will not work on the hosting package you have purchased.

What does web hosting cost per month?

These prices vary tremendously these days but mainly depend on:

  • The type of hosting (static, normal, WordPress, Magento etc)
  • The amount of storage you get
  • The amount of data traffic you get
  • The number of CPU cores you get
  • The amount of memory you get in GB
  • The number of domain names you can host
  • If email is included, which email storage and how many accounts
  • Any extras, such as caching (Redis, Varnish, LScache), website builders, etc.

Suppose you take a simple web hosting package of a normal type, with about 2GB storage and 25GB data traffic where you can also create e-mail, then you will end up with between €0.25 and €1.00 per month.

Suppose you take a Magento web hosting package with no limit on storage, data traffic, but high number of CPU cores and memory in order to achieve the highest performance, then the price is already between €25.00 and €99 per month.

So the prices are mainly hugely dependent on your website needs and the amount of space you occupy from the hosting provider.

What is the cheapest web hosting?

Since prices vary enormously, we have looked at simply just the cheapest hosting without comparing it based on specifications

Cheap hosting top 3

Below we have listed the cheap hosting top 3 providers where we looked at the cheapest hosting package.

1. from €0.45 per month!

The cheapest web hosting provider currently in the Netherlands and Belgium is which starts from €0.45 per month.

For this you can host 25 domain names, with 2GB storage and 25GB traffic per month. E-mail is included (unlimited) and so you actually have a full hosting package which is great to start with.

2. from €1.95 per month!

The second cheapest web hosting package in the Netherlands and Belgium is that of

On this package you can host 2 domain names, with 5GB storage and 250GB data traffic. You can create 10 email addresses and have everything you need to get started for 2 websites.

3. from €1.99 per month

The third cheapest web hosting in the Netherlands and Belgium is that of

Here you can host 1 domain name, with 250GB storage and unlimited traffic. Email is also included and you can create up to 5 email addresses within the package. A great package for starting with one website.


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