DirectAdmin, powerful web hosting control panel!

How do I make a 301 redirect?

How to create a 301 redirect? We explain all the methods for the perfect 301 redirect!

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What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a control panel that allows you to simply and easily install an interface on your own server and turn your server into a web hosting server. You can install DirectAdmin on a VPS server or on a dedicated server and after installing it you will have a nice graphical interface where you can manage and configure most of the things without extensive technical knowledge.

You can easily create web hosting packages and give users (or customers) access to these packages. These customers can then log into DirectAdmin themselves and manage and configure everything that is assigned to their package. Easily uploading a website or adding an email address can all be done in DirectAdmin!

What is the URL of the DirectAdmin control panel?

The DirectAdmin control panel is often accessible through multiple ways. We have explained most login ways in another article: How to login to DirectAdmin.