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Buy a domain name

Everything on the Internet starts with a domain name. This means that you have to buy a domain name in order to start your own website, webshop, app or e-mail address.

The domain name can then be linked to a product, such as a website creation package , a web hosting package , email package , VPS or dedicated server .

Once you have chosen the product that best fits your idea/purpose, start linking the domain name you purchased.

Once you have successfully completed this linking process, your domain name will point to the chosen product. You can then often set up and configure everything in the control panel of the respective product.

Why buy a domain name?

A domain name plays an important role in most Internet products. But why is this actually almost always the case?

Suppose you buy a web hosting package or a website making package without a domain name. You start building your own website, or upload your built website or app on the web hosting package.

Once you get to the step of visiting your website, this becomes quite difficult without a domain name. You can’t surf to your created website in your internet browser because you haven’t bought and linked a domain name yet.

Therefore, having a good and strong domain name that fits the purpose of your website is always a good idea!

How do I buy a domain name?

Buying a domain name is done through 3 simple steps, after which you will be the owner of your own domain name. This process can really be completed within a minute, as soon as you know what kind of domain name you are looking for.

Buy domain name 3 steps

  1. First, you are going to check a domain name to see if it is still available. Suppose the domain name is taken, then the status will be : “moving”. If it is available, the status will often be: “Register”.

  2. Once you have done the domain name check and your domain name is still available for registration, press the button: “Register”. You will now go to the next page where you can configure the domain name in terms of holder (owner) and possibly link it directly to a product you buy with it.

  3. Once configured and in the shopping cart, you can checkout the order you want to place. Once paid, the domain name will be registered directly by the domain name provider. This means that from that moment on, you are the official owner of your own domain name!

How long do I own the domain name?

The domain name remains yours as long as you renew it every year. You will receive an invoice from your domain name provider which you have to pay. Once you have made the payment, your domain name will be renewed for another year.

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

You certainly can! The domain name will then often be registered with a parking page. This means that once you visit the domain name, you will see a page that often contains content or advertising from your domain name provider.

Buy domain name cheap

There are many providers in Europe where you can still - despite the current price increases - buy domain names cheap. Unfortunately, the domain name prices are raised substantially every year by registrars nowadays, in order to cover their rising costs.

However, we have made an overview of where we think you can buy the cheapest domain name:

Top 5 cheapest domain name registrars

Domain name registrarWebsitePrice from €0.49 p/y from €0.50 p/y from €0.60 p/y from €0.89 p/y from €1.00 p/y

Forwarding a domain name

Often you can use a parked domain name, i.e. without a hosting package or other product, to forward to another domain name. We call this a forwarding service.

With this you choose your domain name and then specify where you want to send it. For example, this could be to, which you use to make sure that when someone visits your domain name, they will be redirected to via a 301 redirect .

Domain name buying tips

Buying a domain name can still be a tricky process, as you want to buy the perfect domain name right away and not regret a wrong name afterwards.

In this case, the first tip we can give is that you should think very carefully about what you want to achieve with your new domain name. Suppose you want to create an online shop where you will sell marbles, then it is wise to have the word marbles in the domain name, so that through the domain name they already know what your website is about.

The next tip we like to share that it is best to register directly from your chosen domain name, all possible domain name extensions. This ensures that you are in control and that no one else can take your good idea and run off with it!

Another tip we like to share is as follows: It’s best to make sure you register the most common typo’s/typing errors as domain names as well. You redirect these typo’s to your main domain name via a forwarding service, for example.

So in case someone misspells or writes your main domain name, they will still be caught by the registered typo and redirected to your main domain name. Smart right?


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